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Ready To Connect With Other Women of Color in Business? 

Our Free Networking group is open to all Women of Color Entrepreneurs in Business that are looking for feedback, motivation, collaboration and vision aligned strategies and marketing tools for their business. If you are ready to create a brand that is aligned with your ultimate vision and allows you to live life on your own terms while building with women who look just like you, this group is for you. 








My focus goes beyond marketing to making the connections between how marketing decisions made today can impact your business in the future. With your vision in mind, there is a destination and the question then is HOW do you get there? This is where I come in. With 13+ years experience in running successful small businesses, I am here to provide an objective analysis – ensuring all off your marketing strategies and tactics are in support of your overall business goals. S that you have the clarity, focus, and confidence needed to move your business forward more effectively, efficiently, and in alignment with your ultimate vision. 

You have a dream to build a business that gives you the FREEDOM + WEALTH that you desire but you aren't seeing the sales that will get you there. I want to help!


Goals are essential for success, and the first purpose of this workbook is to help you achieve success and growth in your business identifying what Vision you want to manifest in your personal and professional life. Your vision should be aspirational, inspirational and in alignment with your ultimate end game.





What my clients are saying...

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Dolly Latinwo-Belo

Founder, Realtor Dolly

Having someone who is passionate about seeing you succeed is priceless. The sessions have helped me have a clearer path to my vision by helping me create actionable steps. She also takes the time to follow up with me and check up on my progress which gives an extra layer of accountability. I strongly recommend working with Victoria if you're building your business.

Beverly Johnson

Founder, Life and Body Transformations

Working with Victoria was amazing!  Victoria made the process easier.  At no time did I worry about Victoria not making the deadline. With the assets and services that Victoria provided for my masterclass, the class was a success and it resulted in several new clients.   

Makayla Wood

Founder, Makayla Wood Coaching

Before I went to Victoria I was really confused on where exactly I stood with my business and what direction I needed to take. Victoria took her time to explain to me the steps in building the business and also how VITAL it is to trust the process when doing so. Victoria isn’t just well versed when it comes to business but she is also well versed in the authentic steps  to take towards manifestation.  This understanding has really assisted me with building the business of my dreams.


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