Hey! I’m Victoria Downes. I'm a creative dreamer and serial entrepreneur. I love my family and anything chocolatey with peanut butter! Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world! 

I realized a long time ago that it is impossible to run a business efficiently without clarity and support especially if you are looking to scale up which is why I founded the Village Creative Inc. to offer virtual coaching and implementation support to busy Creatives who have the drive to impact the world with their message. 


As a creator and business owner myself, I understand how much it takes to turn your ideas into a steady stream of revenue. I know that the fears and roadblocks which hold us back from success are real, but I've also experienced the pride, joy and incomparable sense of accomplishment that comes when dreams are realized and your bank-account grows because of income from a business that you are the boss of. I know building a successful creative business is possible, I've done it, and I've built The Village Creative Inc, because I want to help you do it also. 


In addition to building my own businesses, I've spent my career listening, learning and supporting some of the most amazing clients I could dream of. My clients have gone on to create MAGIC int their businesses going from zero to 10k months by setting and crushing strategic goals in less than 90 days  of working with me! 

Make sure you drop me a note or a quick hello! I'd love to meet you! 

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