“You Really Get What You Put In”. That was what Victoria Downes told when I approached her for help with my business goals. Since then, this statement has been my guiding principle. Victoria offers her clients a powerful suite of tools that every serious entrepreneur must have to improve productivity. Since I started working with Ms. Downes, I have not only achieved my business goals, I have also been motivated to take on additional responsibilities as founder and executive editor of Nigerian Parents magazine. In today’s business climate when going above and beyond is only cliché, Victoria goes above and beyond for her clients to ensure that the efforts they put into their business is rewarded. It is my honor to recommend Victoria Downes to any serious entrepreneur who wants to increase productivity and meet deadlines without hassles.

Founder & Executive Editor, Nigerian Parents Inc.

Victoria is A True Visionary!I solicited advice on business growth and expansion.  These matters had become of immediate concern for me since a decision had to be made very soon.  Discussing this with Victoria was truly wide-eye opening; immediately I knew the decision I had to make! And I must say, I discussed this with previous individuals and no one gave me the "business gems" she did. Lastly,  She has a wonderful way of creating a true futuristic plan and increments of time to, five-and-ten years and how decisions now affect the future.  She is A NATURAL At what she does and truly cares about seeing YOU WIN!


Leah-Janae Council 

Founder & CEO,L.O.C

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