3 Ways to Boost Productivity

A goal or New Year’s Resolution that most people have, especially if they are business owners or side hustlers, is to increase productivity in some form. There is always more work that can be done.

While there are many tips that can help with productivity, our top 3 are:

1. Time Blocking. Time blocking is the act of setting aside chunks of time for certain tasks. When you schedule out your whole day (or at least your work day), you are more likely to stay on task and not allow smaller distractions (such as checking emails) to take you off task. Time blocking is also a visual form of planning out your tasks, which makes it easier for you to see exactly where your time is going. Rescue Time has a great in-depth article to provide some more tips to keep in mind when time blocking your schedule.

2. Accountability Partners. When you work remotely, from home, or you just work on your business solo, it can get lonely and distracting doing your work by yourself. Having an accountability partner that you check in with at least once a week can help you remain productive over time because they will act as someone to support and encourage you when it is difficult, but they will also be able to keep you in check if you are avoiding tasks or just not getting them done. For a more formal version of an accountability partner, there are mastermind groups (usually paid) where a group of people meet usually once a week or once a month to check in on each other for their goals, provide guidance, and have that camaraderie for having similar lifestyles or goals.

3. Sleep/Rest. To most people, sleeping and resting to boost productivity sounds counterproductive, but sometimes, it is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your work. For example, you might be working late one night, drinking coffee and still struggling to stay awake. Chances are that you are spending more time fighting your body than you are working. In that case, it is better to take a step back from your work and sleep. In other cases, you might have something like writer’s block that prevents you from being able to come up with ideas or solutions to best execute your task. Instead of wasting time agonizing over what you need to do, it would be best to get some rest, refresh your mind, and be ready to work again a few hours later or the next day. The bottom line for sleep and rest is that if you are spending time agonizing over what you need to do or fighting your body from sleeping, just sleep. You will be happy you did.

As solo entrepreneurs or work from home employees, it can get isolating and distracting when you are left by yourself to get your work done. With social media and easy access to everything on the internet, it doesn’t take much for your attention to be taken away from tasks you need to accomplish.

Take these tips and apply them to your normal work schedule and see how much more you are able to achieve during the week. For extra accountability, we are going to be hosting an online course on goal setting where you will get to have built-in accountability partners so you can accomplish what you have set out to do. Here is to achieving more in 2020!

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